About Kiddie.in

Who are we?

Being a parent isn’t just rewarding but also the world’s most challenging job. Having said that, we all want the best for our kids. No doubt! The day you give birth to your baby, you will have to introduce him or her to a wide range of products. From baby diapers, soaps, shampoos, oil to walkers, strollers, and whatnot!

But the question is—with so many brands claiming to be “the best,” how are you ever going to know which product is truly the one that your munchkin deserves?

That’s where kiddie.in comes in.

Our writers are doctors, moms, and dads themselves who have good experience in parenting and they know what is good and what is not when it comes to using baby care products.

Every topic that we write is deeply researched and entails only honest product reviews to ensure that we alleviate the stress or confusions of choosing a product for your baby.

How do we choose the products for any given “best” lists?

1. Experience: Yup! Our writers are moms, dads, and doctors with years of experience in parenthood. Who can be better experts than moms and dads while analysing and researching on the products for your kids.

2. Deep Research: Ever searched for a product for your little one? Try it because you will know how time-consuming that is! From looking into thousands of product listings to reading their descriptions and again, googling about those ingredients, there’s so much. So when we write a product list, we do the same but we go a mile far.

This is an exhausting and time-intensive process but we still do it with lots of enthusiasm just to make sure that your kid is getting the best that he/she deserves. While we do the heavy lifting, you get the perks of buying the right product for your baby.

3. Reviews: We aggregate and analyse thousands of reviews from customers, parents, and every reputable website. Now, this includes, however, isn’t limited to YouTube, Amazon, branded retailers, etc.

Combined with the personal experience of moms & dads with the product, and the doctor’s in-depth research of the product, these reviews help paint a clear picture of its quality.

4. Brand quality: This is crucial when we research a product. We also take a good amount of time in researching the brands just as we do with their products. To ensure that they are of high-quality and reputed, we look into their return policies, ratings, reviews, and much more.

Are you a quality brand who firmly believes that your product qualifies to be featured on our “best” lists? Then, contact us right away!

We love to unveil unique, amazing, and new products. Feel that you have what it takes to be on our “best” lists, then please send us an email at [email protected] with the subject line that says “Product Review Request.”

Ensure that you include your website link (your own or third-party retailer) so that our team can research more about your brand and your product.

If we really think that your product has the potential, we will reply in 2 days with an address to ship a product sample so that our moms & dads in the team can try it before we do a thorough review.