Making a transition from breast/bottle to a cup can be quite challenging for your baby. That’s why you need a good sippy cup. It plays a key role in bridging the gap and easing the process. But with so many brands manufacturing the best sippers for babies in India, it’s hard to pick the right one.

Fact: Though the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) recommends you to give up on the bottle between 12 and 24 months, there’s sensibly a learning curve which is certain to result in a few spills for a while—and that’s exactly where sippy cups come in handy.

Your little one can start using a sipper cup as soon as he or she can sit on a nice, high chair to eat those healthy solid foods—which is usually around 7 – 8 months. When you make that “switch,” know that it’s also time to discontinue the use of a bottle.

If you tend to continue, the habit of using a bottle will become much more difficult to break. So, think of sippy cups as that little “bridge” that does a real thing.

10 Best Sippers for Babies in India to Buy Online

Interestingly, sippy cups or sippers can be classified into 4 types:

  • Hard spout sippy cups
  • Soft spout sippy cups
  • Straw sippy cups
  • Flat lid sippy cups (or 360°)

Generally, the soft spout and straw-based sippy cups are popular choices amongst parents because they don’t just resemble nipples but are also easy for toddlers to learn the right way to drink.

Keeping all these in mind, I’ve listed some of the best sippy cups in India to choose from.

1. Luvlap Hippo Sippy Cup with Anti-Spill Design

best sippers for babies in india
  • Capacity: 225ml
  • Colour: Bright Green
  • Spout: Soft (Silicone)
  • Handles: Yes
  • BPA-free: Yes
  • Ideal for: 6+ months of age

A mere glance at this brightly-coloured sipper is enough for you to fall in love with it. It has a cute hippo picture, which is sure to grab your baby’s attention to drink from it.

The soft silicone spout is perfect for a 6+ months baby. But what makes the product unique is its in-built valve which is spill-proof and leak-proof. This spill-proof valve automatically shuts off as soon as the pressure is released, making sure that there’s no spilling or leaking.

So, you don’t have to worry about cleaning all that mess when your baby is learning to sip.
And the best part? It’s non-toxic, BPA free, made of food-grade quality, dishwasher-safe, and sterilisable. What else do you want?

Reasons to Buy:
  • Non-toxic, BPA-free, and dishwasher-safe
  • Gentle on the baby’s teeth
  • All parts are sterilisable
  • Extremely easy to drink from
  • Touch-flow valve instantly opens with little pressure
  • Easy-grip handle that’s detachable

My Verdict: Not only is this sipper cup an Amazon’s choice but even my choice too. The reason? Well, every mom will relate this with me—it’s truly a struggle to make a baby to drink something healthy on his or her own. And when you have something attractive to divert their minds with, just so to make them drink soon, sippy cups like this can be a real thing.

Speaking of LuvLap, they have been in the baby care industry for quite some time. In fact, it was one of the few sipper cups I got for my son last year. He loves drinking from it and still enjoys using it.

2. Philips Avent Classic Soft Spout Cup

best sippers for babies in india
  • Capacity: 200ml
  • Colour: Blue & Turquoise
  • Spout: Soft (Silicone)
  • Handles: Yes
  • BPA-free: Yes
  • Ideal for: 6+ months of age

Philips needs no introduction! And this Avent Soft Spout Cup from them is undoubtedly one of the best sippers for babies in India. It is compatible with other Avent bottle ranges from Philips (especially, if you have one already) but excluding the glass ones.

Speaking of this sipper in specific, it’s a single-piece silicone spout that’s easy to drink from. The liquid begins flowing once your baby applies pressure on the spout. Its in-built valve makes sure that the assembly is hassle-free and quick. The entire container is crafted in a way to enable easy grip for those cute little hands.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Compatible with other Avent Natural bottles of Philips
  • Has a soft spout (silicone)
  • Easy for the baby to drink from
  • BPA-free and dishwasher-safe
  • One-piece silicone spout to assemble easily
  • Container shape is rippled for steady grip

My Verdict: I bought my son a PHILIPS sippy cup when he was 7 months old. He loves to hold it and drink from it. But I wish they had given an extra spout with the package if the existing one gets damaged. The plastic also does get molded too, especially if you put it in hot water for sterilising. So, you will have to be a little careful here. I recommend you to wash it with warm water

3. Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Bottle with Sippy Cup

stainless steel baby sippy cups in india
  • Capacity: 325ml
  • Colour: Orange sleeve
  • Spout: Soft (Medical-grade Silicone)
  • Handles: No
  • BPA-free: Yes
  • Ideal for: 6+ months of age

This stainless steel sipper or sippy cup is ideal when your toddler is transitioning from that nipple bottle to a nice cup. Like all other products in the Kiki’s line, this sipper bottle is plastic-free—this means that you can be 100% sure of what you are giving to your baby.

It is safe, non-toxic, and BPA-free. Moreover, their patent-pending vented soft spout is designed from medical-grade silicone to ensure that you are using a chemical-free feeding system.

Reasons to Buy:
  • The bottle is shatterproof
  • The valved tip prevents spills
  • Medical-grade silicone, BPA-free, and toxin-free
  • Comes with a travel cover (made of silicone)
  • Dishwasher safe and lifetime warranty on the stainless components

My Verdict: Choosing a good sipper bottle for your little one can be pretty challenging because you just don’t want the best but also cost-effective and the safest too. Hence, with a brand like “Pura Kiki”, you have it all. So, rejoice!

And, if your tot is going to have a little sister or brother soon, then this sippy cup can be converted into a nice infant bottle seamlessly by just swapping its spout for any of their natural silicone Vent Nipples™!

4. Boon Fluid Sippy Cup

best sipper for babies in india
  • Capacity: 295ml
  • Colour: Orange & Blue
  • Spout: Hard
  • Handles: No
  • BPA-free: Yes
  • Ideal for: 9+ months of age

When it comes to the best sipper for babies in India, a brand like “Boom” can’t be missed. Their range of infant & toddler products are often well-admired for being innovative, problem-solving, simple, effective, and ingenuity.

Hence, this particular sippy cup is one such innovative creation that has the power to grab anyone’s attention. The design is exclusive for sure. You wouldn’t have thought that this balloon like design could actually be a sippy cup. But they have done it and kudos to them. It’s one-piece, twist-lid is pretty easy to clean as well as assemble.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Unique, handy, attention-grabbing design
  • The lid has integrated valve system to prevent leaks
  • Dishwasher safe & non-toxic
  • One-piece, twist-on lid for easy cleaning
  • Spill-resistant

My Verdict: According to me, it’s one of the coolest sipper cups I’ve come across. A mere glance at the two-handed, streamlined design, and you will be desperate to hold it. And the same level of excitement is what your kid will also go through. That unique grip will make your tot love it even more. It’s spill-resistant. This means that everything will be dry and clean. Strictly, no mess! But the only downside is that it’s really expensive.

5. Baby Bucket Stainless Steel Feeding Bottle with Sippy Cup

sipper bottles for infants online india
  • Capacity: 210ml
  • Colour: Pink
  • Spout: Soft (Silicone Nipple with Straw)
  • Handles: Yes
  • BPA-free: Yes
  • Ideal for: 7+ months of age

This sipper is a thermal-insulated feeding bottle, which is made of food grade silica gel and 304-grade stainless steel. The transparent cover, internal straw, and the handles are BPA-free.

The material is ideal for babies to learn to hold things by themselves and drink whatever has been poured inside. All the components are heat-resistant up to 120°. So, this is an ideal pick if you don’t prefer anything that’s plastic.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Anti-colic & BPA free
  • 100% Thermal-insulated baby feeding bottle
  • Easy to clean & non-leaching
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Lightweight and easy to hold
  • Comes with a soft silicone nipple

My Verdict: This attractive, glittering, and ergonomically designed bottle is for you if you prefer something that’s durable and has an everlasting finish. This is truly an elegant milk pacifier. The vacuum seal on the top maintains the desired temperature and is exclusively designed to prevent flatulence. The suction straw & nipple come with an air vent in order to regulate the milk’s flow.

6. Mee Mee Easy Grip Sipper Cup for Babies

best sippy cups for babies in india
  • Capacity: 180ml
  • Colour: Light Blue
  • Spout: Hard
  • Handles: Yes
  • BPA-free: Yes
  • Ideal for: 9+ months of age

Parenting isn’t an easy job today. A mom’s job is one of the toughest. And a brand like “Mee Mee” truly understands this. Their range of baby care products are aimed to make your journey less stressful and more enjoyable.

That’s one of the reasons their products are well admired for their design and quality. They strive in providing you with just the “best.” From diapers, baby lotions, to baby shampoos, multi-featured prams, and narrow-neck nail clippers, they truly have a wide portfolio, which promises to deliver one thing: “The Joy of Parenting.”

Speaking of this sippy cup in specific, it is ergonomically designed to facilitate quick transition from nipple bottle to a cup. It makes your baby feel independent and confident.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Non-spill lock with fine spout
  • Conforms to the International Safety Standards
  • Makes drinking hassle-free & easy
  • Enclosed cover helps in keeping the spout clean
  • Helps the baby feel confident and independent
  • Has a dust-free cover

My Verdict: I like this sipper. It is leak-proof, convenient, and of good quality. The inner seal is sturdy and prevents spill. It is ideal for milk and water but I don’t recommend it for solid-watery food.

7. The Little Lookers® Unbreakable Sippy Cup for Kids/Babies/Infants

best sippy cups for babies in india
  • Capacity: 200ml
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Spout: Hard
  • Handles: Yes
  • BPA-free: Yes
  • Ideal for: Up to 2 years

Yet another good sipper for babies in India is from a brand called “The Little Lookers,” which offers a wide range of products to make your baby’s transition process super easy. Speaking of this particular sippy cup, it comes with two nice handles with a good grip to ensure that your little one feels comfortable.

It is spill-proof, which means that you don’t have to worry about that mess anymore. The bonus: it comes with different attractive colours, each printed with animated figures to grab your little one’s attention.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Spill-proof and BPA-free
  • Easy to hold and carry
  • Eye-catching design and colours
  • Premium quality sippy cup for kids
  • Handles have a good grip

My Verdict: This sippy cup is ideal to turn your kid’s hunger time into a fun, play time. It comes in a plethora of eye-catching designs. Its one-piece valve limits leaks, making it pretty easy for your munchkin to get the hang of.

8. Chicco Training Cup for Babies

best sippy cup brands for babies in india
  • Capacity: 200ml
  • Colour: Blue
  • Spout: Soft
  • Handles: Yes
  • BPA-free: Yes
  • Ideal for: 6+ months of age

This semi-soft spout and ergonomically-designed sipper is bite-proof and truly stands up to the teeth! When it comes to spout, it has a unique groove, guiding the lower lip to position better and helping you to teach your little one to drink on his or her own.

The product is spill-free, so it does its part in keeping things tidy. Once your baby begins to sip, it starts to activate the liquid flow via a removable valve so that you can flip it upside down without leaking anything.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Spout is semi-soft and bite-resistant
  • Free from BPA, Latex, and PVC
  • The mouth is wider and spill-free
  • One-piece valve (silicone) for easy washing
  • Travel-friendly

My Verdict: This sippy cup comes with a one-piece valve, making it easy for the liquid to flow and further, clean. Its non-slip handles are ideally shaped to give a good grip to those cute little hands and encourage learning. I like the fact that the cup is marked with clear calibrations to keep a track of how much liquid your kid has consumed.

9. Munchkin Miracle 360° Toddler Training Cup

Flat 360 stout sippy cups in india
  • Capacity: 200ml
  • Colour: Blue, Green, Orange, Pink
  • Spout: Flat (360°)
  • Handles: Yes
  • BPA-free: Yes
  • Ideal for: 6+ months of age

Let’s face it—every kid is messy (no offence), especially during his or her initial navigating sipper time. So, don’t settle for something that’s cheap and isn’t spill-proof.

You certainly need a product that doesn’t spill—that’s where the Munchkin Miracle’s 360° Cup comes into the picture. It’s truly the first ever cup to be designed by keeping both kids and parents in mind. It not only gets rid of unwanted messes but also supports your tot’s dental health.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Easy to use and clean
  • BPA-free, spill-proof, dishwasher-safe
  • Ergonomic design
  • Improves kid’s dental health
  • The handles give a good grip

My Verdict: This is a perfect pick if you want to teach your kid to learn to drink from a glass. Well, of course, you can’t give a glass right away. So, this 360° flat spout cup comes in really handy. Drinking from it—anywhere around the rim supports mouth’s muscle development. Since there are no straws or spouts, it makes your job super easier to clean.

10. TUM TUM Tippy Up Pip Panda Sippy Cup

best sippers for babies in india
  • Capacity: 200ml
  • Colour: Grey
  • Spout: Soft (with Straw)
  • Handles: Yes
  • BPA-free: Yes
  • Ideal for: 6+ months of age

Lastly, on the list of best sippers of babies in India is from a renowned brand called “Tum Tum.” This sippy cup is exclusively designed to drink the fluid with ease. It’s travel-friendly too. Thanks to its weighted straw and flip top lid.

The nifty straw follows the fluid once the sipper is tipped up, ensuring that your kid is not sucking air. Also, it doesn’t have a valve—which means that your baby won’t have to suck too hard to release the fluid.

Reasons to Buy:
  • The straw can be easily cleaned
  • Spare straws can be bought separately
  • Calibrated with measures to keep a track of the liquid consumed
  • Primarily made of Polypropylene, which is BPA free
  • Free from toxins, which can be recycled easily
  • The straw is made from food-grade silicone

My Verdict: The flip top lid easily bends the straw over whenever it’s not in use (especially, when you carry it in a bag). This keeps the straw clean, hygiene, and further, preventing the drink from leaking.


Hope, you enjoyed reading the list of best sippy cups for babies in India. Tell me in the comments section which one you liked the most and why.

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